A taste of winter - our new seasonal menu

- Rina Angelow-Rapita
A taste of winter - our new seasonal menu

Dear guests, we warmly welcome you to tasting of new dishes by the Chef - Wiktor Moczek and his talented cooks. Among the winter delicacies, we have prepared five novelties for you! The plates are filled with delicious, Polish apples, healthy beets full of vitamins and warming spices - cinnamon and ginger. We guarantee deliciousness - check it out for yourself! ;)

To our seasonal, winter menu there comes back our bestseller of last year's edition of the Restaurant Week festival - baked beetroots cream soup with  addition of ‘Szara Reneta’ apples. The taste of a light, and very healthy and nutritious cream soup is emphasized this time by cottage cheese, pear chips and aromatic black cumin powder. This is a perfect meal both for a good start to a family dinner and a warming offer for feeling cold walkers on Wroclaw Market Square.

The venison also came to the winter menu, which we always try to promote in the autumn and winter, because it is then the healthiest and the tastiest! We recommend to you a salad with a deer leg flavored with juniper, accompanied by rare additions: Lomnick cheese with a graceful name ‘Krówka Pigwówka’, roasted chestnuts, roasted hazelnuts and Gin Lubelski flavour jelly.

For poultry fans, we recommend corn sous-vide chicken breast with apple and cinnamon puree, roasted poppy powder and gnocchi. How is corn chicken different from regular one? Well, it is the best quality chicken meat available on the market. This species is farmed in complete movement freedom conditions with access to daylight, mostly on organic farms. The secret of the unique taste is a special diet - these chickens are fed with high-quality feed, which contains min. 50% of corn and grains that are not genetically modified! No antibiotics and no growth hormones. So, the way we like the most - healthy!

Among the novelties we have also prepared halibut on orange-ginger risotto with grilled shrimps. The dish will surely appeal to all gourmets of fish and seafood. An interesting addition here is sweet and sour, dried smile - fruit appreciated by dieters due to high nutritional values.

Perhaps do you want to try a unique, warming dessert? We have a hot crumble with pear, apple and cranberry baked under cinnamon crumble for you. And more ... ginger ice cream. Little drops of heaven!

On our menu we also left two dishes, which ina course of last few months enjoyed the greatest popularity among our guests: tart with zucchini, dried tomatoes and ‘Niedźwiednik’ goat cheese moreover sous-vide pork tenderloin on stewed cabbage with forest mushrooms and bacon powder.

For tasting dishes from the winter menu, we invite you every day from 12.00 to 22.30.

We remind you that all hotel guests are entitled to a 10% DISCOUNT on the A'LA CARTE MENU.


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