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We often make travel decisions here and now. Most of us like spontaneous trips.

We get into the car or other means of transport and set off. And suddenly we remember that we have forgotten one important thing ...

To prevent this, we've prepared a short guide for you on how to plan your trip properly.

We start ☺

  1. CHOOSE DIRECTION. If you're reading this post, are you familiar with the tour, right? Wroclaw ---> Hotel Patio ☺
  2. ADJUST THE TYPE OF ROOM TO YOUR NEEDS. There are 5 possibilities with us! We have five types of rooms for you, so you can choose freely. We leave a link to the gallery with a description of all of them here: For sure, each of you will find the desired comfort.
  3. GET TIP. Our reception is available 24 hours a day* and will always be happy to help you solve your booking problems.
  4. BOOK YOUR STAY. Summer in Wroclaw favors tourists. It is better to book your stay earlier and do not worry if there will still be free places on the selected date. There are several options here. We encourage you to book directly by sending an inquiry to: or by phone: 71 375 04 400. Persons who like mobile reservations, please visit our website:
  5. BUY A TICKET FOR SELECTED MEANS OF TRANSPORT. And here is a lot. Our convenient location in the city center allows you to quickly reach it by train or bus to the hotel. Of course, for lovers of traveling by car we have a solution in the form of an underground car park at an occasional price, and for arriving guests we can arrange a transfer from the airport.
  6. GET TO KNOW ABOUT LOCAL ATTRACTIONS. Of course, on site at the hotel our receptionists are ready to present you the best restaurants and the most interesting places in Wroclaw. But we know from experience that there are so many places worth seeing that usually there is not enough time to see them. Therefore, we advise you to plan at least the so-called MUST HAVE, and we will tell the rest on the spot.
  7. PACK YOURSELF. Are you putting it off until the last minute? Or maybe there is someone among you who likes to pack? If you don't take anything, you can still use something. You will always find such things as: phone charger, iron, dryer, baby bath, potty, toys and many other things.
  8. START TIME! We are already waiting for you ☺

* Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Patio hotel is closed until further notice. Until then, please contact us at


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