Wrocław Zoo & Africarium

Have an amazing adventure with the largest number of animal species in Poland! The range of attractions at the Zoo has recently been expanded to include the superb aquatic world of the Wrocław Africarium and unique animal species associated with aquatic environments of the great continent of Africa.

Sky Tower

The observation space at Sky Tower, the tallest building in Poland, has a remarkable view over Wrocław well within reach. The fantastic vistas of the entire city and surroundings can be admired from a height of 200 m, both during the day and into the evening!


Wrocławskie Hydropolis to jedyny taki obiekt w Polsce i Europie. Ultranowoczesne, przepełnione multimedialnymi i i interaktywnymi atrakcjami centrum wiedzy o wodzie, w którym znajduje się jedyna na świecie replika batyskafu, który dosięgnął dna Rowu Mariańskiego, wyjątkowa sala z projekcją 360 stopni na temat powstania wody oraz wykonana z akrylu wierna kopia rzeźby Dawida autorstwa Michała Anioła.

Wrocław Market Square

See for yourself the enchanting, historic centre of a city which never sleeps and never tires! The exceptional architecture and exceptional people make for a truly exceptional location!


The largest model railway in Poland! This is a miniature world with 210 m of railway track and scaled down people and animals going about their minimalist lives. Great fun for children as well as grown-ups.

Riverboats - cruises on the Oder

See Wrocław from a different perspective! Out in the fresh air and a delicate breeze, discover some of the prettiest parts of the city and delight the eye with the wonderful views from the deck of a riverboat.

The University & Leopoldine Hall

The magnificent main building of the University of Wrocław is a site which rouses the admiration of many a visitor to the Old Town. Deserving of particular attention is perhaps the very finest element, the Leopoldine Hall, where sculpture, architecture and painting come together to form a single splendorous whole.

Centennial Hall

The work of the eminent architect Max Berg, Centennial Hall was built in the years 1911-13 as an integral part of the so-called exhibition grounds in the vicinity of one of the largest municipal parks in Europe, Szczytnicki Park. The building has been recognized as one of the most outstanding and pioneering works of architecture of the 20th century, gaining an entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For over 100 years it has continued its mission as a site bringing together beneath its dome people of all backgrounds and repeatedly providing the arena for significant historic events.

The Multimedia Fountain

In the immediate vicinity of Centennial Hall, in the grounds of the complex, is to be found Wrocław Multimedia Fountain, largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Enclosed by the historic Pergola and located within the wider picturesque landscape of Szczytnicki Park, the attraction draws the interest of tourists from both Poland and abroad.

The Botanical Garden

Catch your breath and take a little time to relax surrounded by the beauty of nature in the very heart of the city! Less than 15 minutes' walk from the Market Square awaits an intriguing 'living museum' full of magical nooks.

The gnomes of Wrocław

The local gnomes have long since become an intrinsic part of the historic landscape of Wrocław. Combining a stroll in the centre of the city with a search for at least some of them is likely to prove great fun for children. And you can begin the search with our very own Snorer. This little fellow has settled in for good outside the Hotel, snoring away in his cosy bed...  

The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is an exceptional site and a required stop for any tourist visiting the capital of Lower Silesia. Thanks to the particular artistic and technical solutions applied this vast painting – measuring 15 x 114 m – carries the viewer to another place and time. The Panorama is the first Polish work of its type, and the only one to be preserved to this day.


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