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Spring has just came to Wrocław, so a new spring menu has also appeared in our Patio Restaurant! Are you planning a spring walk around Wroclaw's Market Square? We invite you to try new dishes from the seasonal spring menu.

After a long winter time, we can finally invite you to taste fresh, spring dishes! In the new seasonal menu the Chef - Wiktor Moczek and his team have prepared seven completely new proposals. On the plates you will find full of vitamins and precious minerals early vegetables. Who doesn't miss for crispy radishes, green chives or velvety asparagus?

Bear garlic & tasty appetizers

For soup lovers we have prepared a cucumber cream soup with roasted cashews and bear's garlic pesto. Bear's Garlic appears in our spring menu for several seasons! It's recognized as a plant with extraordinary health properties, strengthens immunity and detoxifies the organism. Fresh leaves are collected at the turn of April and May, that's why we are happy to serve it as an addition to our spring dishes! Among the appetizers, our Chef also invites for a spring salad with grilled beef sirloin, green asparagus, crispy kohlrabi and watermelon radish.

Spring main dishes

Try the unique, spring risotto with ... grilled scallops! The combination of delicate seafood with early vegetables - young mushrooms and cauliflower, beetroot and asparagus will surely bring you into the spring mood.

Among the main dishes you will also find a farm turkey sous-vide on a young red cabbage puree, with the addition of basil dumplings and chives oil. This dish especially should appeal to all ladies, because on the plate they will find also an edible pansies! For men, on the other hand, we recommend pork tenderloin in Parma ham, with mushroom duxelle and broad bean stewed in butter sage.

Novelty among spring dishes is crowned with sirloin of Atlantic cod with grilled prawns, young leeks braised with tomatoes, black lentils and sugar snap peas. Does not all this sound good?

Spring cheesecake for a dessert

Who doesn't love cheesecakes? There are thousands of types and the classic recipe is varied by everyone according to their own culinary preferences. In the spring menu we serve for our Guests a fluffy cheesecake with  Japanese Matcha tea. The taste will emphasize strawberry salsa with rum and mint, as well as a refreshing kiwi sorbet. Enjoy your meal!

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All spring dishes combined with a cozy atmosphere, intimate interior and professional service create a perfect scenario to spend unforgettable moments in the company of loved ones as well as business meetings. FIND OUR SPRING MENU HERE


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