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Is there a person on Earth who doesn’t know the evergreen „Hey Joe”!? This song, dating back to the 60s, has conquered many a rock heart so far and its popularity stays strong despite the time passing by… So, if you’re a fan of rock music and know the five basic chords, i.e.: C, G, D, A and E, do come to Wrocław on 1 May and join us in the Old Market Square for beating the Guitar Guinness Record!

# A little bit of history of "Hey Joe"

Over the last 50 years, this American song, “Hey Joe”, has been played more than 50 artists already, which is a clear proof for its immortal melodic line and universal message it brings to the world. Needless to say, there have many interpretations of this composition been done already, with the one by Jimi Hendrix from 1996 at the top of the list, and the versions by The Music Machine (1966), the Japanese band called The Golden Cups (1968), Deep Purple (1968), Patti Smith (1974), Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986), Seal (1991), Type o Negative (1992), Eddie Murphy (1993), The Offspring (1997), Robert Plant (2002) or even Joe Cocker (2009) following just afterwards.

# Guitar Guinness Record in Wrocław

Yet, in order to beat the record, we need some source material to work on first. Not an overplayed and pretty ordinary song to be true, but a great hit which shall touch the hearts of people. As usual for the Thanks Jimi Festival, “Hey Joe” seems quite a suiting choice, won’t you agree? Bear in mind, that’s not the a novelty at all since the first official edition in Poland took place in 2003 and gathered 588 guitarists altogether. The idea of the festival itself was born five years earlier in Zakrzew, being fathered by a blues guitarist and vocalist from Wrocław, namely the famous Leszek Cichoński. And as far as the newest data is concerned, the present record belongs to 7 356 guitarists, so that’s quite a challenge for us to face, indeed. Admittedly, during the last year’s attempt we unfortunately failed it, but now we’re even more filled with hope, counting on your support and attendance! So fear not, we’re gonna make it!

# Stars of this year’s festival

However, the festival is not all about beating the record, so make no mistake about that. Doubtless to say, it’s a major event with lots of concerts by the greatest stars in the world, enriched with other, perhaps smaller, but equally attractive performances too. This year, we’re going to host such rock legends and stars as amongst others: LeBurn Maddox – American bluesman, vocalist and admired guitarist, Łukasz Łyczkowski – finalist in the last edition of “The Voice of Poland”, Andrzej Nowak (TSA), Ryszard Sygnitowicz (Perfect), Sebastian Riedel or Grzegorz Markowski who shall perform the famous “Nie płacz, Ewka” (“Don’t cry, my little Eve”) raising the crowds to sing along with him. And there is certainly more to the Thanks Jimi Festival than meets the eye so stay tuned! The legend has it, having visited Wrocław for the festival once, you will never resist the temptation to come back for more again and again! Thanks Jimi is so seductive!

# World Dwarf Guitar Day

This year, for the very first time, the eve of the record beating day, and therefore, 30 April, has been officially announced to be "The World Dwarf Guitar Day". It’s a special happening, full of attractions for the youngest guitarists. Let’s create the one and only Dwarf Guitar Orchestra in the whole universe!

# May Weekend with style? Only in Wrocław!

Don’t wait any longer, take your guitar (or guitars, should you have many ;P) and come to Wrocław for the best May Weekend you have ever experienced in your life so far! We shall enjoy these few precious moments together. It’s going to be a music time to remember, this thing is certain! Bear in mind, our Patio Hotel is located barely a few steps away from the festival stage, so choosing us will make things even better, and surely more comfortable! Pack your thing then and see you soon!



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