- Rina Angelow-Rapita

At the beginning of April new products appeared in the Patio Restaurant! We invite our guests to try dishes from the new, seasonal spring menu. On the youngest there is waiting a completely changed children's menu - colorful and full of tasty and healthy dishes. We invite you to visit the Patio Restaurant during your stay!

# New spring seasonal menu

Spring is our favourite season, indeed! Nature, stimulated by the first rays of the sun, offers us more and more fantastic products that we have longed for throughout the winter. In the new spring menu, our cooks have prepared as many as seven proposals, in which the main role is played by fresh novelties and ... superfoods, famous for their majestic health properties. On the plates you will find young vegetables, full of valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - leaves of baby sorrell, young spinach, watercress, rocket, wild garlic and crispy sprouts.

We particularly recommend: baby sorrel cream with quail egg, spring tart with baby spinach, halva with Łomnica cheese and cherry tomatoes, salad with rabbit saddles, exotic litchi and balsamic hibiscus cream, pork loin with stewed young cabbage served with foie gras, country turkey in thyme – honey marinade with purée of white asparagus, salmon sous-vide fillet with grilled shrimp and cauliflower puree and for dessert - delicious chocolate fondant with the more and more popular tonka beans. Find more here.

# New kids menu

Having combined the parents wishes with the newest culinary trends, we have decided to modify our children’s menu just a tiny little bit. Not only will you find brand new, truly delicious dishes there, but also some colourful, very attractive arrangements, literally bursting with riddles and secrets to solve.

The merry and insanely talented dwarf Chrapek (Snorry) gave a helping hand for our Chef when preparing a new menu. Do you know this little chap? You’ll meet him at the entrance to the Patio Hotel and Restaurant. As a matter of fact, the clever fellow knows all about children’s dreams and favourite flavours. Can you believe that? He was the one to suggest the crispy waffles and Oreo sundae!

Yet, before the dessert comes, it’s time to have a healthy and tasty dinner first. For a good start, we’ll pamper the little palates with a homemade broth, enriched with slices of country chicken meat and carrots. For the main dishes we propose: chicken tenders breaded in crispy Corn Flakes, turkey meatballs with vegetables, served in tomato sauce, homemade seasonal dumplings in fruity sauce and a sous-vide salmon fillet in a delicious raspberry sauce. Find our kids menu here. 

In April, we also launched a children's play zone in the hotel lobby for the youngest.

We invite you and your loved ones to try dishes from the menu of the Patio Restaurant menu! 


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