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Are you looking for a city which shall sweep your partner off their feet? Maybe a romantic weekend is somewhere deep in your thoughts? Or perhaps you’re going to pop the question and ask your beloved one for their hand in marriage? Or should it be an anniversary surprise? Well, let us put it this way… Paris is very overrated! Venice or Prague used to rock once but now they’re so awfully boring… But have no fear, we are here to save your day! Spend this magical time in the beautiful, compelling Wrocław – the city which makes both the natives and even the hot-tempered Italians or Spaniards fall in love with its charm right away! And if you choose the Patio Hotel – this true oasis of love and cheerfulness in the very heart of the city – your stay will surely taste even better!  

Quite obviously, planning a romantic excursion is never a piece of cake, indeed! We’d like to give you a helping hand in this trouble. So, we’ve gathered a bunch of ideas for you which might be worth considering. You’ll be head over heels in love with them before you can even notice! 

#1  Strolling step by step – The Old Market Square, Cathedral Island and Bridge of Lovers

The Wrocław Market Square is one of the most beautiful in the whole of our country, whatever the season. All these charming tenements, old and so proud, the impressive town hall and lots of cosy cafes o restaurants will make your evenings a gem, indeed. Let them delight you!  

And beyond all doubt on earth, there’s nothing more magical, more suitable for a romantic walk than the breathtaking Cathedral Island! Don’t lose the chance and when the sun gives way to the moon at night, savour this magical view!  As the last rays of sunlight dive into the blue Oder river, the Bridge of Lovers and the Saint John the Baptist Cathedral can be admired in full splendour. In winter, the Cathedral Bridge is decorated not only with the padlocks, these love tokens hung by couples, but also with some enchanting light illuminations, as if a fairytale was brought to life before your very eyes!

When the night falls, you’ll encounter a mysterious person here, wearing a black cloak and a hat… It’s the famous Wrocław lamplighter – the only one in Poland! Each and every single night, he lights about one hundred gas lamps, which makes your evening walk around the Cathedral Island like a time travel indeed, back to the 18th century.

#2  Stunning Promenade and the Old City Park

Discovering Wrocław from the perspective of two hands entwined together is always the best! Strolling along the City Moat, from the John Paul II Square, through the Freedom Square up to the National Museum and Xavery Dunikowski Boulevard, there is a much admired and beautifully revitalised Old City Promenade. Attractions hidden along this path will literally sweep you off your feet. A great deal to your liking shall be the modern National Forum of Music, the old Opera House, the Renoma department store from 1930, the beautifully illuminated Corpus Christi Church or the Puppet Theatre. Just think about it! Isn’t romantic? We bet it is! When the evening comes, all of these pearls of our city sparkle with such light illuminations which you have never seen in your life before!

Once you’ve reached the Puppet Theatre, spend a few minutes in the Old City Park (Nicolaus Copernicus Park), separated from the promenade by a high, open-work fence. But beware! By crossing it, you shall be transferred in time to a wholly different era! In 2010, the park was restored its historical, 19th century form. You will find here some nice open-work benches, perfect for lovers, cast-ion street lamps, a styled merry-go-round brought from the faraway France and embellished with the images of Wrocław attractions as well as a majestic fountain located right in front of the terrace of the Puppet Theatre. The Cupid riding a Pegasus (and in truth, a sculpture by Theodor von Gosen) is waiting there for all the couples dreaming of eternal love to bless their mutual affection! Oh, isn’t it lovely? 

#3  Is there something more romantic than JAZZ? 

They say love is like the jazz music – who knows what proceeds next… This genre and the voice of the heart have so much in common – there are ups and downs, there is laugher and there is seriousness. If you are fond of the soft saxophone sounds, love trumpet or the deep and manly contrabass, then spending your love evening at the Vertigo Club will certainly hit the bull’s eye! This music club is located barely 600 m away from the Patio Hotel. In the shimmering light, in all the cosiness it may offer, you shall have a glass of some delightful wine and listen to the fantastic music performed live by the Wrocław artists.

#4  A bit of the blissful relaxation at the cosy hotel

Having visited all of these magical places already, you’ll surely yearn for some pleasant relaxation to calm down your mind. And there’s a solution for that! You can try a soothing massage for two, performed by our Thai masseurs from the Thai Lanna parlour, located on the ground floor of our hotel. On request, we can even organise this massage in your room! Such a ravishing time should be crowned with a love bath, and we can help you take care of it all!

#5 A romantic dinner for two in Patio Restaurant

An elegant candle light, valentine dinner at the Patio Restaurant won’t be too shabby either! This year, you can enjoy our special valentine's menu „Power od love” from 14th up to 17th February! These four delicious, absolutely delighting dishes will conquer your hearts and palates right away! Yet beware! They are inspired by aphrodisiacs! 

Invite your beloved for a romantic stay at the Patio Hotel! Let your love blossom anew! We reccomend you our special >> ROMANTIC OFFER << and turn your hotel room into a little temple of love – with candles, rose petals, a flower bouquet, a bottle of classy wine and much, much more…




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