Winter holidays in Wrocław - ideas which your children will love!

- Rina Angelow-Rapita
Winter holidays in Wrocław - ideas which your children will love!

Winter holidays are coming along! So take your family to the Lower Silesia! And heading for the mountains, never forget to visit Wrocław! It’s so full of attractions for kids and adults alike! Don’t you believe us? Well, here’s a proof! 

#1 Hydropolis – discover the secrets of water

The Science Centre Hydropolis is a sheer paradise for adults and children alike! So unique, so one of the kind, the only attraction of this type in Poland! All this large space is dedicated to water alone, the most essential element on Earth. Children above the age of 6 – 7 will simply love it, younger can feel a bit bored, but it’s not always the case. The whole exhibition is divided into theme zones – the planet of water, depths, ocean of life, water and humans, relaxation zone (so fabulous!!!!) and the kids’ zone to crown it all. Your guiding voice around the centre will be the most famous voiceover in Polish TV, Krystyna Czubówna herself! The Hydropolis is opened from Monday until Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and during weekends 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. 

#2 Kolejkowo – the marvellous world of railway in miniature 

All the fans of railways (quite a comfortable means of transport, will you agree?) should visit the famous Kolejkowo in Wrocław! It’s the largest mock-up of railway in Poland with 15 trains and …. one tramway, making their tiny little journey around the Old Market Square. Follow them on their way along the streets of Wrocław, full of colourful tenements, go up to the Świebodzki Railway Station, admire the carefully crafted replica of the Szwajcarka Shelter, with Karpacz, the Śnieżka Mountain and the Meteorological Observatory far way to the other side! Here where day becomes night and night becomes day, our Guests have the time of their lives. Kolejkowo is open every day from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

#3 Wrocław ZOO – winter sleep is a myth!

Animals usually fall into winter sleep when it gets cold outside. But our ZOO and especially the Africarium zone are literally bustling with life even now! So seize the opportunity just right away! All the furry and feathery fellows are waiting for you to pay them a visit. Still not convinced enough? So bear in mind that in the winter season, tickets are always cheaper and there’s no summer crowd around you so you can enjoy sightseeing to the full. Have you heard about our little and sweet Zumba? That’s the youngest hippopotamus in the whole Africarium. Such a sweetie, indeed! Oh, and there are also Armstrong the Manatee and our merry penguins. So many have fallen for the place already! Why don’t you join the circle? Our friendly Wrocław zoo invites you to cross its doorsteps from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

#4 Museum of Wax and Fairytale Figures 

Destined primarily for children aged 4 – 12, but even adults will find it enjoyable, as we think. The museum is located in the vaults of the Wzgórze Partyzantów (Partisans’ Hill). Look around! Who’s there! Spiderman is hanging just above Batman, the Lion King is catching a royal glimpse of the merry Minions while the Ice Age fellows are having fun with Shrek and his Fiona. And there is certainly more about it all, yet we will be no spoilsports. A value added to that are most obviously distorting mirrors and artistic workshops. 

#5 Winter fun at Wroclaw ice rinks

Who does not love ice skating? The youngest (and probably also parents) certainly love effective slides or beautiful pirouettes. This year you will find in Wroclaw two covered ice rinks: ice rink at Spiska Street and ice rink in Hala Orbita, at Wejherowska Street. An interesting fact is also a novelty - a free ice rink at the Sky Tower Shopping Center, open temporarily until February 28. All ice rinks offer the possibility to rent equipment and helpers for children.

#6 Water holidays in the Aquapark 

For all those who love actively holidays, we recommend visit in the Wrocław Aquapark. In the winter holidays program kids will find a lot of games and sporting challenges! The organizers have prepared thematic attractions for the youngest - a pirate day, a diving day, a rescue day or an Olympic day. 


And when the crazy ride around the Wrocław attractions is over, why don’t you cool the jets, taking a peaceful stroll around the Old Town, huh? Maybe you’ll try to find the famous dwarves? One of them, Chrapek (Snorry), is waiting the doorstep of our hotel, perhaps he will be kind enough to tell you the whereabouts of his fellows! We have prepared not only comfortable rooms, but also – for those more demanding Guests – some truly delightful suites. Your children will have a whale of a time in the kids’ zone, and once they get hungry, our special menu dedicated to the very needs of your little ones, will help them regain strength! Let the magic of winter embrace your body and soul! Come to Wrocław today! Find our FAMILY OFFER HERE!















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